Our Mission: 3D Printing for All

What is Imagin3Designs…

Imagin3Designs is the culmination of my skills, talents, and passions. Merging 3D printing, model making, woodworking, and metal fabrication into a cohesive collaboration, I have built a place where I can share what I know with the world through the window of the internet. The primary focus at Imagin3Designs is 3D printing and miniature design, but there is so much more to the experience. Imagine: sitting with friends, enjoying a Dungeons and Dragons campaign around a gaming table you designed and built! Using drafting software to create the workspace you dreamed of! Building that display shelving unit you have been wanting to purchase but was never quite right! Spending a weekend fabricating a prop sword or turning that amazing model you printed into a diorama masterpiece!

Imagin3Designs is a community where I will share my knowledge and experience to expand and improve the skills of my fellow creators. Come join the adventure and explore uncharted territory with Imagin3Designs!


Why I started 3D printing…

During my childhood, I loved building model cars. I loved the detail and progress I made with each new vehicle. My skills grew as I got older, and my interest moved from model cars into tabletop miniatures. Converting the miniatures into my own creations and painting them was the hook that got me obsessed with the hobby. I was always driven by my love of Star Wars and how those movies were made. Model making and miniatures are what eventually landed me in Hollywood and chasing that dream of getting paid to create models for motion pictures. In some ways, that dream came to fruition—for a while, set construction and design was my primary occupation, with a splash of model making here and there. Still, my love of miniatures never wavered, and I was always making dioramas in my free time. Emboldened by the knowledge I had acquired throughout my career in Hollywood, I branched out into the world of prop making, woodworking, and metal fabrication.

As my free time quickly eroded with the ever-increasing workload and growing family, I started looking into 3D printers as a solution to bridge the gap between my limited time and my unbridled creativity. It seems like forever ago that I received my first printer. So many possibilities! But how does this thing even work?… Trial and error was the name of the game for a few weeks, but soon I was well on my way to filling up my garage and even my woodshop with prints.

Fast forward to March 2020. We all know the story: unemployed, stuck at home, and unsure of the future. I took a deep look inward and tried to envision how I could reinvent my life. I had been working in an all-consuming industry full of excitement and big names, but that was never my passion. The things that really motivated me were surrounding me at home. I immersed myself into some art projects I had started but had not finished. Art projects then became reorganization projects which ignited my desire to create something bigger. That inspiration brought Imagin3Designs to life.



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